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  1. [Free Report] The State of Airport Marketing: 7 Key Trends & Case-Studies
  2. Marketing to a Captive Audience
  3. Create Your Airport's Market
  4. Airport Marketing - Helping Airports Attract Passengers | Bell Media

[Free Report] The State of Airport Marketing: 7 Key Trends & Case-Studies

View Case Study. Airport Marketing Services. Indoor Advertising Reach consumers on-the-go with location and interest-based targeting with our Indoor Advertising Network. Learn More. Display Advertising Promote your brand by displaying your ads on thousands of popular local and national websites to your target audience. Email Marketing Promote your event, increase brand awareness or reach your target audience with an email marketing campaign. Website Development Bell Media builds websites that are beautiful, responsive and SEO-friendly to increase your online exposure and drive leads.

Search Engine Marketing Instantly increase qualified traffic to your website and drive leads by serving ads on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Mobile Advertising Mobile Advertising and marketing offers an opportunity to reach a location-based relevant audience.

Airport Sales and Marketing 2018

He has also appeared on television interviews and been quoted in publications such as the Wall Street Journal. In a previous role, he also conducted a workshop on social media at the Ministry of Home Affairs, Singapore.

He speaks three languages fluently, and is also a published poet and amateur film critic. He can be reached at shubhodeep simpliflying.

Marketing to a Captive Audience

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Collaboration campaigns such as this award-winning experience are just one growing trend among domestic and international airports. Here are six more marketing strategies airports are using.

Create Your Airport's Market

Overall, marketing partnerships have several benefits, including the ability to collaborate, be more cost-effective and attract a new audience. In the aviation industry, airports can partner with retailers, food and beverage companies, and airlines to offer unique opportunities including airplane-to-gate sales that allow passengers to online shop in-flight and pick up products when they land. Travelers can help promote your organization by sharing photos and videos that can be curated to showcase positive customer experiences.

Images and clips can be pulled from social media channels or filtered through emailed submissions. The contest was open to anyone, including employees.

Implementing a user-generated strategy can provide new content, at no cost, from actual customers. Your employees can be your cheerleaders. Customers support organizations that take care of their employees. People are constantly snapping photos and videos of travel adventures. Asking passengers to share their stories on social media , hosting photo or video contests and even soliciting comments encourages people to participate.

Airport Marketing - Helping Airports Attract Passengers | Bell Media

Airport professionals are experts in the field of travel and aviation. Content marketing provides a way to share useful information with potential and current travelers while also promoting the airport. Changi Airport exemplifies this in their blog, Now Boarding , with articles on travel advice, events at Changi, cultural things to know about Singapore and more.