American Legends: The Life of John Quincy Adams

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John Quincy Adams

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  • American Legends: The Life of John Quincy Adams - eBook?
  • American Legends: The Life of John Quincy Adams.

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John Quincy Adams: Like Father, Like Son (1825 - 1829)

Monroe, James Jackson, Andrew. You'd think it would cause quite a stir if a US president was known to go skinny-dipping in the Potomac River. Adams followed his father's footsteps to the US presidency, becoming the sixth president. He also held various diplomatic positions, including secretary of state under President James Monroe. Adams' political career wasn't over even after he lost his presidential reelection bid to Andrew Jackson. He went on to represent Massachusetts for 17 years in Congress and actually died inside the US Capitol.

He took his duties very seriously. Adams' diligent, meticulous personality is reflected in his diaries. He kept up daily journals from the time he was 12 to his death at age Millikan is working on creating a digital edition of Adams' diaries , complete with transcriptions and subject analysis.

She spoke with Business Insider about Adams' rigorous morning ritual. In the winter months, he'd skip the swimming and kick off his day with a two-mile walk around Washington. But when the weather was nice, he'd take to the water.

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Adams himself summarized his routine in a July diary entry :. After dinner read newspapers till dark; soon after which I retire to bed. In this way, Van Buren helped create a political machine of disciplined party members who prized loyalty above all else, a harbinger of future patronage politics in the United States. Party politics also transformed the national political landscape, and the election of proved a turning point in American politics.

With tens of thousands of new voters, the older system of having members of Congress form congressional caucuses to determine who would run no longer worked. The new voters had regional interests and voted on them. For the first time, the popular vote mattered in a presidential election.

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Electors were chosen by popular vote in eighteen states, while the six remaining states used the older system in which state legislatures chose electors. The two most popular presidential candidates in the election of were Andrew Jackson a , who won the popular vote but failed to secure the requisite number of votes in the Electoral College, and John Quincy Adams b , who emerged victorious after a contentious vote in the U.

100 Legendary John Adams Facts for the Curious Mind

House of Representatives. With the caucus system defunct, the presidential election of featured five candidates, all of whom ran as Democratic-Republicans the Federalists having ceased to be a national political force. Candidate Adams had broken with the Federalists in the early s and served on various diplomatic missions, including the mission to secure peace with Great Britain in He represented New England. A second candidate, John C. Calhoun from South Carolina, had served as secretary of war and represented the slaveholding South.

He dropped out of the presidential race to run for vice president. A third candidate, Henry Clay, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, hailed from Kentucky and represented the western states.

Astrology birth chart for John Quincy Adams

He favored an active federal government committed to internal improvements, such as roads and canals, to bolster national economic development and settlement of the West. William H. Crawford, a slaveholder from Georgia, suffered a stroke in that left him largely incapacitated, but he ran nonetheless and had the backing of the New York machine headed by Van Buren. Jackson had very little formal education, but he was popular for his military victories in the War of and in wars against the Creek and the Seminole.

He had been elected to the Senate in , and his popularity soared as pro-Jackson newspapers sang the praises of the courage and daring of the Tennessee slaveholder.

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John C. The Electoral College, however, was another matter. Of the electoral votes, Jackson needed or better to win but secured only Adams won 84, Crawford 41, and Clay Because Jackson did not receive a majority vote from the Electoral College, the election was decided following the terms of the Twelfth Amendment, which stipulated that when a candidate did not receive a majority of electoral votes, the election went to the House of Representatives, where each state would provide one vote. House Speaker Clay did not want to see his rival, Jackson, become president and therefore worked within the House to secure the presidency for Adams, convincing many to cast their vote for the New Englander.

Once in office, he elevated Henry Clay to the post of secretary of state. Jackson and his supporters cried foul. To them, the election of Adams reeked of anti-democratic corruption. So too did the appointment of Clay as secretary of state. Secretary of State Clay championed what was known as the American System of high tariffs, a national bank, and federally sponsored internal improvements of canals and roads. Clay also envisioned a broad range of internal transportation improvements.

Using the proceeds from land sales in the West, Adams endorsed the creation of roads and canals to facilitate commerce and the advance of settlement in the West. Many in Congress vigorously opposed federal funding of internal improvements, citing among other reasons that the Constitution did not give the federal government the power to fund these projects.