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The exact location of the battle was long believed to be north of Silver Falls, once a popular campsite for both Indians and whites. Searching the National Archives in Washington, D.


Carter, a U. Cavalry officer. Although Mackenzie had been outsmarted, outfought and outrun, he took several important lessons from this first clash with the Comanches. They were lessons he put to lethal use the next September during what is today known as the Battle of the North Fork of the Red River. While trying to disrupt Comanche cattle raiding, Mackenzie heard that a band of Indians was camped along the river about 65 miles northeast of Amarillo.

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With soldiers and nine Tonkawa scouts, Mackenzie attacked, surprising the Indians and easily routing them. The surviving Native Americans fled on foot, and Mackenzie ordered their abandoned horses to be rounded up and kept under guard. That night, however, the Indians slipped into his camp and spirited the horses away. Despite his embarrassment, this was the first time Mackenzie had met and defeated the Comanches on the open battlefield. Mackenzie was not involved in the Second Battle of Adobe Falls, but it illustrated for all who paid attention that the Comanches were not, in fact, invincible.


Led by Quanah Parker, warriors from various tribes had banded together to, they thought, finally and permanently drive the white settlers from the Plains. In addition to Parker, they also were inspired by a would-be prophet named Isa-tai, who claimed to be impervious to the white man's bullets. Well-stocked and with plenty of rifles and ammunition, the traders were easily able to withstand the siege.

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Their name for themselves was 'Nermurnuh' meaning the "true humans. The Great Horsemen They were accomplished horsemen and possessed by far the greatest herds.

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Mustangs were captured and broken, using a variety of ingenious methods. By the 's the Comanche tribe were major distributors of horses other tribes and settlers. Their horses, like the Comanche warriors was often decorated with war paint. Following a battle, a triumphant Comanche warrior would apply paint to his horse so that the tribe could see at a glance the outcome of the battle from a distance. When a Comanche died his ponies were also killed at his death. His favorite horse, decked out in all his regalia, was killed at the grave, so that warrior could go to the afterlife properly mounted.

The location of their tribal homelands are shown on the map.

Comanche Tribe | Access Genealogy

The geography of the region in which they lived dictated the lifestyle and culture of the Comanche tribe. Clothes worn by Comanche men The clothes worn by the Comanche men consisted of breechcloths, fringed buckskin tunics or shirts and leggings. Warm buffalo robes or cloaks were also worn to protect against the rain and the cold. The Comanche warrior also wore beaded, feathered war bonnets decorated with eagle feathers, and beadwork as a symbol of courage and accomplishment.

Their traditional headdresses were caps with straight-up eagle feathers and ermine tails trailing behind them. The men wore their hair in two long braids. Comanche Clothing The women of the Comanche tribe were responsible for making the articles of clothing worn by the people.

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Most items were sewn from soft, tanned skins of deer buckskin and buffalo. Clothing was often decorated with paint, porcupine quills or beadwork.

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Special 5m 22s. Today the image of Indians on horseback is iconic. But Native Americans never set eyes on a horse before the 15th century when Europeans bring them to America as a weapon of conquest. The Comanche and other native peoples adapt the horse as a powerful ally in the fight to protect their land and way of life. The Comanche consider the horse a relative and a gift from the Creator. Report a Problem. Before you submit an error, please consult our Troubleshooting Guide. Your report has been successfully submitted. Thank you for helping us improve PBS Video. Discover Cherokee Bean Bread.

Learn how to make this staple dish, which is part of nearly every meal in a Cherokee home.