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For centuries following the fall of Rome, Western Europe was a benighted backwater, a world of subsistence farming, minimal literacy, and violent conflict. Meanwhile Arab culture was thriving, dazzling those Europeans fortunate enough to visit cities like Baghdad or Antioch. There, philosophers, mathematicians, and astronomers were steadily advancing the frontiers of knowledge, as well as keeping alive the works of Plato and Aristotle. When the best libraries in Europe held several dozen books, The study of Western Civilization traditionally follows a well-known but incomplete arc: the grand achievements of Greece and Rome, several hundred years of the Dark Ages, and then the bright emergence of the European Renaissance.

But amid the "dark" Middle Ages, the Abbasid Empire, which ruled the Middle East as well as much of Northern Africa and Central Asia from to , serves as a vitally important but often overlooked bridge between the ancient and modern worlds. Islamic Gifts Guide believes in helping people gain knowledge to make more beneficial choices in their lives.

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Islamic Countries History Book. Recommended Russia's Muslim Heartlands: Islam in This is why A Histo Islam in Pakistan: A History Prince Writing with a poet's heart and a historian's mind, she has given us detailed accounts of Muslim inventors and inventions. Among her extensive writing is a book about the wives of the Holy Prophet of Islam.

Anjum's works should be compulsory reading for both Muslims and non-Muslims: for the former they will inspire Muslims to rediscover the virtues of knowledge and learning; for the latter, they will reassure non-Muslims that Muslim society has much to commend it as against the current stereotypes.

I pray for continued success of Aliya Anjum's mission to educate us all. Read eye opening facts about the Islamic civilization at its peak. This book would clear any misconceptions about Islam. It sheds light on how the Quran influenced the Islamic Empire into achieving scientific and artistic excellence. The book takes the readers on a magnificent journey beginning from the ancients mainly Greeks who pioneered the sciences. It then relates the achievements of medieval Islamic world where the sciences and the arts scaled new heights.

From pioneer surgeons, mathematicians, chemists to aviators and artists, the Muslim Empire circa AD was a civilization at its peak. It consisted of trail blazers who set the precedent for Europe to follow centuries later. The book then reconnects the reader with the modern western world and its scientific renaissance. In an unfortunate turn of events, these facts have been lost to history. The book explains true scientific history by correcting erroneous beliefs held by even prestigious sources such as the Encyclopedia Britannica. Read to find out who invented robots in the 's, who presented the theory of relativity centuries earlier than Einstein and who created public hospitals with wards and nature therapy centuries before Europe.

Prophet Muhammad pbuh was born in A. D in Mecca Makkah Saudi Arabia. He started to preach Islam to the Arabs around A.

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D and continued to do so for almost 23 years till he met His Creator in A. After Muhammad, under the influence of Islam, the Arabs underwent a radical transformation from desert dwelling tribesmen to a highly disciplined and sophisticated society. The mighty empires of Rome and Persia fell at the hands of legendary warriors Khalid bin Walid and Amr bin Al-Aas in battles that changed the world. The very first revelation of the Holy Quran was " Read in the name of thy Lord " Quran , clearly indicating the importance of knowledge.

Prophet Mohammad saw declared it the duty of every Muslim to seek knowledge.

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List of inventions in the medieval Islamic world

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Muslim Inventions in the Islamic Golden Age 750-1500 AD - eBook

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