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Lisa Nichols is an amazing author and motivational speaker who inspires me to follow in her footsteps. She went from being a single mother on welfare to becoming a multi-millionaire. Now Lisa travels the world speaking and motivating others to change their lives. Before the notoriety, the Los Angeles native was in a marriage where she was mentally and physically abused. After her husband went to jail, she struggled as a low-income single mom.

Below are 5 rules Lisa follows to achieve success! Choice is something you can control every day. When you manage your time more effectively you create more freedom. Go in for minutes three times a day. Be comfortable with saying no. When you over-commit, you become drained. When you wait until the last minute, you cause more stress getting things done in a limited amount of time. Recognize what the cost is for procrastinating: organizational time, peace of mind, urgency and increases stress. You can change that behavior and control procrastinating. Create a huge goal for yourself and break it down into 4 smaller goals.

That makes it easier to measure your goals and milestones every 90 days. It makes them easier to digest. When you do that, it helps you see your progress and you can adjust when you need to. A micro win is a small attainable goal where you can get an instant result. In my business we have raised money. We've had more clients. We've had better health.

And so I've got to go to the results as opposed to what the critics are saying, because it's worked in my life and I know it works in people's lives. KING: Does all of it deal with self? Can I want world peace? There's a lot of studies that will show that when people actually gather together and they focus on peace together, there's actually a decline, for example, in the Middle East peace in Lebanon. There's actual studies that show that when people get together and our brains will entrain, we'll send a powerful magnetic force into the field. Number one, the universe operates by exact precision and law.

And that is something in between god and the universe. What we have to understand is when we're looking only at the physical event, OK, we're missing something that's a much bigger organism at work, and that's the natural laws of the universe. And there are both good and there's bad in everything, in every way.

So we can't just look at the one side of it. It's not a mono- dimensional universe we live in. KING: So if you were focused, if you were into the attraction And what I'm not suggesting is that the people that were in the World Trade Center, which was an atrocity -- willed that upon themselves. But in the bigger scheme of how the universe operates -- if you look at every other species on Earth, we live, we die, we have birth and death.

And that is just part of life.

And sometimes things happen in ways that are not to our tastes and not suitable. KING: Did you mean they willed that upon themselves? No, no. KING: They did not will that? But in life, in general, there are things that happen that aren't great. And we have to look at a higher order of how the universe operates, and let's go to a higher understanding, is what I'm saying. KING: Can you use the law of attraction to harm somebody? KING: Why not? And so if you're starting to will negative things on people, I think that you will actually be willing things upon yourself.

That is my belief. And being grateful for what you have and really making a difference in other people's lives and doing charitable work is how you actually invoke the greatest law of the universe, which is the law of attraction. KING: And you get what you give out? KING: If you give out hate, you get back hate? We know that we are made up of energy and we know that we can actually measure a thumb ph , we can measure the frequency by which our brain and our heart sends out that frequency. We are just learning more about the scientific side of it.

We don't have triple blind studies to really show that. But if you think about this. If you take a seed and you plant it underneath the soil, how is that the seed will attract to it everything that it needs for the vibrational fulfillment of whatever the potential was in that seed?

How to Write a Foreword

It's through the law of vibration. Coming up next, see if you can grasp this -- celebrating gives you more to celebrate. According to our next guest, Lisa Nichols, it's definitely not double-speak. Here's a preview. When you celebrate the good feelings, you'll draw to you more good feelings and things that make you feel good. It's amazing how we really are a nation of, at best, great optimists, at worst, real suckers.

She's a teacher of The Secret, the law of attraction. What do you make of what we just heard? When we have something that breathes so much hope and so much faith into a people, you have to have those who say it can't be so. When we empower individuals to really take their own destiny in their hands, that's new. You know, as John said, it's something new, it's something hard -- a pill that's hard to swallow for some.

Featuring Best Selling Authors:

KING: But isn't hope something always appealing to somebody? I mean the snake oil salesman sold hope I think that hope is something that we are deprived of, in many ways, and we come from a society that really breathes life into fear- based thinking. And so when you think possibility and creation and that I can drive my future, all of a sudden people have to say wait, whoa, whoa, we can't do quite that because we're so used to being driven, we're so used to being told how we can think.

And so when you give someone the power to design your own destiny, for some, that's just too much to digest. KING: How did you get it?

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I lived it first. I didn't study quantum physics. I didn't study the background. I didn't study any of that.

Lisa Nichols' 10 Keys to ABUNDANCE and SUCCESS

In my life, it was called no matter what. No matter what, born and raised in South Central, Los Angeles, having three fights a week to get home from school, you know, being labeled academically challenged, being considered poor by a lot of people. I didn't know I was poor, but society said I was.

And knowing the -- like no matter what, that I had a right to be joyful. KING: An e-mail question from Donna in Baltimore: "How do you explain the person who wins the Lotto but says he never, ever believed he'd win versus somebody who practices the law of attraction every day to attract large sums of money, truly believes he'll receive it, who can feel it, see it passionately, but gets no results?

KING: Luck is around, too? And some people get lucky. And, again, many of the Lotto winners -- I think percent of them, actually -- you know, are in more debt than they were before they started, because they weren't prepared for that.

Best Motivational and Inspirational Speakers List of 80+

But the person that believes in that they'll get wealth, are they applying action to it? You can't just believe it, you can't just sit back and think it's going to happen. You have to get up and do. Well, it was in the shower, as he was getting dressed, on his way to go to work to make that happen, that he got the idea of how to create that form of wealth. So it's not just a hokey-pokey, sprinkle fairy dust, you know, come with a magic wand concept. It is something where, when you ask the universe to give you something, you ask god to give you an idea, you have to do something with that idea.

KING: Which one? And what I do know is that in Proverbs it talks about "so a man thinketh, he is. That's not non-negotiable. That's a fact. Now, if we choose to have that life, that's on us. Now, I believe that when we choose to live a life of abundance and joy, peace, happiness, then that feels much better than if we choose to life a life in scarcity. And you'll have doubters. Does that conflict with this?