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Europe’s leading journalism, writing, multimedia and public relations training company.

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    Expected to be delivered to Germany by Christmas. Description Praise for the first edition: 'There are books that are badly written, books that are well written and books that you wish you'd written. This is one of the latter. Hicks and his co-writers produce a book that is a joy to read and is packed full of helpful advice.

    Anyone with an interest in improving their writing skills and developing a sense of good style will find it useful Wynford Hicks takes a no-nonsense, sleeves rolled up approach to writing which has no time for preciousness. The industry of multimedia is about teamwork as everyone is dependent on each other for proper functioning of the project.

    As technology advances so will multimedia, Multimedia journalists:. Tell whatever support people the journalist is working with what is needed to do to make the story interesting to the public. Make stories available to the public through multiple medias: newspapers, television, radio and the Internet. Use computers to write, transmit and display stories to the public.

    Also use computers in social media areas. Multimedia media journalists must be able to communicate their ideas clearly regardless of the genre in which they are working. They need to listen to others and to speak and write clearly. They need to be problem solves and thinkers. They need to see not only the pieces of a story but also the big picture.

    They need to look at the history of an event, the current status and the future of it. They then need to efficiently do their work. The courses that would be of help are economics, political science, business, computer applications, public speaking and writing courses should be taken. It would be wise to take radio or television courses if they are offered at your school. These same courses would be helpful in college.

    Internships with your local stations, newsrooms or tech facility are also helpful. Because this is a relatively new field, it is difficult to find an average salary for a multimedia journalist. Resonating with readers through written words is no easy feat, which is a realization marketers have quickly come to terms with. In fact, 52 percent cited producing engaging content as their biggest challenge, according to a MarketingProfs study.

    And although marketing and editorial maintain a healthy distance in the newsroom, joining forces in content marketing could be the winning combination for companies and individuals. Find out the secrets to success with content marketing in. By turning to journalists, marketers can harness their unique intuition and specialized communication skills to connect with an audience on a deeper, more meaningful level.

    And these jobs give journalists the chance to exercise their editorial expertise and touch readers with their words.

    Skills every aspiring journalist should learn | International Journalists' Network

    Emphasis on research: Truth is the backbone of journalism, and all journalists know that they need data or research to support any definitive claims they make — or quickly face reader skepticism. The same concept also applies to thought leadership content. Whether business professionals are using personal experiences, anecdotes, or bold statements about the future of their industries, they need examples or studies that lend authority to their ideas.

    Focus on the audience: Journalists have an obligation to the public.

    They write with the why in mind and choose details with purpose. Many people envision themselves as the recipient of their message, which can be a hard habit to break. Strong writing and communication skills: As trained observers, writers, and editors, journalists not only know what readers want but also how to execute it. Gifted journalists galvanize their audiences, and applying this technique to content marketing can drive profitable actions.

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    An eye for editorial: A simple comma or letter can dramatically change the meaning of a sentence or phrase.